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71 I saw You
72 Marriages / Life Partners
73 Partner Agencies
74 Meetings / Contacts
75 Professional
76 Value 976 Services
77 Telephone Erotic
71 I saw You
7101 I saw You

72 Marriages / Life Partners
7201 She seeks Him
7202 He seeks Her
7203 She seeks Her
7204 He seeks Him

73 Partner Agencies
7301 Partner Agencies

74 Meetings / Contacts
7401 She seeks Him
7402 He seeks Her
7403 She seeks Her
7404 He seeks Him
7405 Couples
7406 More Possibilities
7407 Rough Sides

75 Professional
7501 Entertainment
7502 Professionals

76 Value 976 Services
7600 Value 976 Services

77 Telephone Erotic
7700 Telephone Erotic

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